Cargo Semi-trailer

Cargo Semi-trailer

Model No.︰JG9390


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 18200 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


  • Length: 13,000mm
  • Width: 2,500mm
  • Height: 2,700mm
  • Pay load: 30-50 tons
  • Suspension: multiple leaf spring suspension with equalizer beam
  • Option: SAF spring suspension, SAF/BPW air suspension, FUWA point suspension
  • Subframe:
    • Eight locking pin design for 2 x 20-foot, 1 x 40-foot container, center lock pin can be laid down
    • Drums: outboard mounted and hub piloted cast steel
    • Hubs: cast steel 10 studs and oil seals
    • Wheels: steel disc, 8.0 to 20, prepainted white
    • Option: 8.5 to 20, 8.25 to 22.5
    • Tires: eight sets, 10.00 to 20 tire
    • Option: 12.00 to 20, 11R20, 12R20, 11R22.5 and 12R22.5
    • Axles: FUWA 13 tons
    • Axle number: three or two
    • Option: BPW, SAF and York brand
    • Brakes dual-line brake system, non-asbestos, includes automatic slack adjusters
    • ABS system: without, available upon request
    • Valve: Wabco emergency relay valve
    • Brake chambers: 30/30 chambers, air-actuated
    • Springs: seven number of leaf springs, width x thickness: 90mm x 16mm
    • Underframe:
      • Tensile strength 34.5kg/mm2
      • Automatic submerged arc welding, top flange 16mm, bottom flange thickness: 16mm, middle flange thickness: 6mm
      • Cross beam: U shape, mild alloy Q345b
      • Tensile strength 34.5kg/2
      • King pin: 2-inch welded type jost
      • Landing gear: FUWA, double speed linkage
      • MUD flaps: anti-sail, mounted on sliding tandem
      • Bumper heavy duty bumper at the end
      • Appendix: one tool box
      • Two spare tire carriers

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