Bulk Cement Tank Truck

Bulk Cement Tank Truck

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Brand Name︰CIMC

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Bulk Cement Tank Truck 



1. Cement mixer tanker

2. Water tanker truck

3. Dish cap seal hand tanker

4. Non prismatic tanker semi-trailer

5. Refueling tanker truck

6. Liquids food tanker truck

7. Particle material tanker truck

8. Inner payload tanker truck

9. Stainless steel tanker semi-trailer


The characteristics of product:

1. The characteristic design of product can satisfy the customers’ diverse needs.

2. The inside and outside of the body all use the spraying craft, cleaning the dirt, corrosion and oxidized skin of the steel plate; still strengthen the surface paint adhesion; insure the extension of the body’s life.

3. The liquid tanker uses the large flat panel welding and wrapping machine to achieve the vertical connecting, one side welding and model packing, and raise the ability of anti-bend, anti-twist, anti-pound; insure good straight line of the body.

4. The agitating blade of concrete mixer transportation vehicle uses the latest techniques of the world, making material mixed evenly.

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